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**********Latest update 29/4/20************


We just wanted to say that we hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping well and that in the current unprecedented, difficult and somewhat surreal times we find ourselves in at present throughout our country and the world, we very much appreciate and are very thankful that we are able to continue working throughout this pandemic to enable us to help supply & support some of the key front-line industry sectors and we also know we are playing a small but vital part in helping to keep the British Manufacturing & Economy moving forward in these dark times… and that if we all keep following the government and medical guidelines that are in place for the safety and well-being of us all, then hopefully at some point in the not too distant future we may be able to start getting some sort of normality back into our lives and businesses albeit a different normality.


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 ************************ Important newsflash**************************


The Letter below that we received from the Government thanking all manufacturers in the UK for keeping the UK functioning and moving forward in these very difficult and unprecedented times throughout this global COVID-19 pandemic we all find ourselves in, in the year 2020!


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AB Lapping has adopted the key worker status throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the request of one of our valued customers that provides vital supplies & services to some of the key front line industries which are Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink & also the Transport industry, and although we are committed to supplying and supporting this customer as our top priority at this critical time we find our country in, we also want to assure all our other customers that we will endeavor to do our very best to keep all their orders progressing through the system as well, because we want to do our very best to help all our customers businesses to keep striving forward in the current time of uncertainty and worry due to the COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves in.

As mentioned above we are still committed to trying to progress as many of our other customers orders through as and when we possibly can throughout this period of time, as we want to help as many of our customers businesses through this difficult and uncertain time as we can, as this is uncharted territory for us all, and we would like to thank you all for your help, understanding and continued support.

Let's hope we can look back on this unprecedented time in our lives and country over the coming weeks & months and think we are now the other side of it and who knows we may all be that bit more grateful for the normality and even hectic lives we can once again live.

We would finally like to send our best wishes to everybody that this pandemic has touched in whatever way and hope we are all able to move forward from this and maybe even become stronger too.

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Exciting big changes for evolving business with over 63 years engineering experience Alan Browne Lapping Services


Alan Browne Lapping Services (formerly Alan Browne Gauges Ltd) are redirecting our Skill base from Gauge blocks and manufacturing to sub-contact lapping /machining.


Formerly Alan Browne Gauges had existed from 1956 to April 2019 with a history of recalibrating customers Gauges by comparator or interferometer to Manufacturing Gauge Blocks to the highest standard with a very large customer base in all Engineering sectors and a great reputation in the engineering fields it specialised in, however back in April 2019 the decision was made to voluntarily liquidate the company due to it not being financially viable to keep the calibration laboratory running with all the costs involved and the ever evolving world and changes in the way companies calibrate their gauges and equipment now, so we have had to make big changes and move with the times and we needed to redirect our gauge making skills and utilise our existing workforce with Sub-contract lapping skills to form a new company called Alan Browne Lapping Services Ltd which just specializes in lapping this is a very specific type of engineering.

We have an excellent reputation for sub-contact lapping from back when we first started this in the 1980’s working with a number of Universities & Engineering companies in both the development of components through to a completed product, our reputation proceeds us and we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our customers we always have and always will do.

We offer both Double sided and Single sided lapping to sub-micron tolerances where required we have been working in various sectors of engineering including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Satellite and Medical among many others.

Our experience in working with materials is vast and includes Steel, Ceramics, Aluminium and Tungsten Carbide plus many others.

If you have a component that has a tight tolerance or a lapped finish then please do not hesitate to contact Martin or Rachel on 1926 424278 or email martin@ablapping.co.uk or sales@ablapping.co.uk and we will be only too happy to help.