Use and Care of Gauge Blocks

  1. Keep the gauge blocks clean. After using the gauges, wipe them all over with a chamois or soft cloth holding the gauges in such a manner that the hand and fingers never come in contact with the gauge face.

  2. Keep steel gauge blocks coated with a rust preventative oil when not in use. It is recommended that if the gauges are going to be stored overnight or to be taken out of use, that they be wiped all over with a chamois dampened with a rust preventative oil. Use the handling procedure as above, and do not touch the gauge face during handling or placing them in their case.

  3. Cleaning gauge blocks with alcohol is acceptable, but may leave the blocks so clean they could be susceptible to corrosion.

  4. Before wringing gauge blocks together, check the blocks for nicks or burrs. Note: Do not leave gauge blocks wrung together overnight

  5. Handle gauge blocks as the precision instruments they are.